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CARTA 2017

The race is open for 4x4, SSV and Trucks. Be part of the race in one of three categories: GPS Challenge, Cross Country or Discovery.


The Course 2017 is made up of more than 2.000 of specical stages in Morocco. In this year we will start in Oudja heading to Tendrara and Merzouga.The rally will find its end in M'hamid.

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The race is open for 4x4, SSV and Trucks.

The Carta Rallye offers you 3 Categories to suit all levels of Fun & experience! You are in racing mode? So choose the Cross country Category for real racing and competion. or Choose the adventure modes (GPS Challenge or Discovery) if you prefer a more relaxing Race without time pressure.

This year we have two brandnew Classes: the SSV Challenge and the Girls Cup.



Pure Adrenaline. Rallye-Raid with road-book navigation and GPS navigation. Daily ranking.

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GPS Navigation event with no notion of speed. The aim is to reach a number of GPS points given by the organisation every day, by covering the shortest distance. Failure to reach GPS points and check points will result in penalties. Daily ranking.

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Discovery Raid. The participants follow the rally by crossing the competitors at certain press points and can live the excitement of the bivouac and the race atmosphere every night. The organisation is very flexible with the participant schedule of this category. Some professionals take advantage of the support of the organisation to make up their own group and manage their own clients.

> Registration and Entry Fees



New for 2017! The Carta SSV Challenge. It will be a GPS Challenge especially for SSV's of all brands. We are planning a course for SSV's which will have been reconned with an SSV to accommodate the higher capacity of these machines in the sand and off-road. The ranking will be done on the same principle as the GPS Challenge for cars, that is to say, you will have a number of GPS points to cover in a given time. The competitor who validates the maximum points by traveling the shortest distance will be the winner of the stage. So no classic roadbook but simple GPS navigation. Each vehicle will be equipped with a GPS tracker to validate their track. Geotraq will be our partner for this service and ranking.


Girls only. More information is coming up soon.


Carta 2017 Schedule

Sunday 26th March OUJDA
(registration and scruteneering)
Monday 27th March OUJDA - TENDRARA
(Marathon Bivouac in your own tent)
Tuesday 28th March TENDRARA - TENDRARA
(Marathon Bivouac in your own tent)
Wednesday 29th March TENDRARA - MERZOUG
(Nomad Palace bivouac in berbere tent)
Thursday 30th March MERZOUGA - MERZOUGA
(Nomad -Palace bivouac in berbere tent)
Friday 31th March MERZOUGA - M’HAMID
(Hotel Le Pacha)
Saturday 1st April M’HAMID - M’HAMID
(Hotel Le Pacha)
Sunday 2nd April M’HAMID - M’HAMID
(Hotel Le Pacha)
Monday 3rd April M’HAMID - M’HAMID
Prize Giving Party
(Hotel Le Pacha)

Carta Features


  • Expirienced international organisation
  • Spot-Me live tracking system for medical and technical emergencies monitored by our race control
  • Medical team (3 ambulances, 6 doctors and 3 medics) with expiriences in international rallies
  • Tight security trough close collaboration with Moroccan Authorities
  • Recovery service (back to tarmac)
  • Briefings in English, French, German and Polish

Hotels & Co.

  • Friendly and international atmosphere
  • Accomodation in hotels or organised bivouacs
  • Breakfast & dinner on every race day


  • Pre-race meeting points in Genoa, Sete, Barcelona and Almeria
  • Travel agency service available
  • Availability of transport of spares, equipment and cars

Competitors Voices

The DAKTEC Service Area

Matthias Krüger ( DE )

Unser Team, DAKTEC-Motorsport, war mit 8 Fahrzeugen zum ersten Mal auf der CARTA-Rallye Marokko dabei. Uns hat vor allen Dingen das internationale Starterfeld gelockt. Auch die Möglichkeit, die Rallye parallel in der Discovery Class zu begleiten, fanden wir toll. Die Strecken waren einzigartig und neu, die Landschaft atemberaubend schön. Schnell fanden sich unsere Teams in den Roadbüchern zurecht. Von Anfang an fuhren wir ganz vorn mit. So konnten wir auch einige Tagessiege für uns verbuchen. Die abwechslungsreichen Etappen hielten Dünen und auch schnelle Pisten bereit. Die Fahrerlager und die Unterkünfte waren gut gewählt. Vor allen Dingen im Süden waren die Lodges sehr schön. Am Ende war Platz vier das beste Ergebnis unseres Teams. Wir kommen wieder. Vielen Dank an Chris, die Orga und die Jungs von der Presse.

Xavier Soriano in his SSV

Xavier Soriano ( FR )
winner Ssv et overall 2016

Une organisation sans faille, un tracé inédit et mêlant technique et orientation, un roadbook de grande qualité, un plateau de haut niveau, une excellente ambiance font du Carta Rally une référence dans le milieu des rallyes raids. Nous revenons l année prochaine, c’est sur!

Markus Walcher at Plage Blanche

Markus Walcher ( DE )
Second 4x4 2016

Das war definitiv mal wieder die vernünftigste Art und Weise, unseren Jahresurlaub zu verbringen! Viele schnelle Strecken, auf denen wir mit bis zu 175km/h unterwegs waren, wechselten sich immer wieder mit fahrerisch und navigatorisch schwierigen Teilstücken ab, in denen alle Teams ihr Geschick im Gelände beweisen mussten. Wir sind mit unserem 2. Gesamtrang sehr zufrieden. Vielen Dank an die Orga, für eine tolle und spannende Woche in Marokko.

Gilles Girousse shows the way to Merzouga

Gilles Girousse ( FR )

Le carta a encore réussi à régaler tout les concurrents de nombreuses nationalités
en effet. Cette édition ou de petit team ont réussi à rivaliser avec des grands qui n’avaient pas lésiné sur les moyens en assistance voila un espoir d avenir ou tout le monde à ses chances, il est vrai que le tracé et surtout tout les cp ont rendu cette incroyable aventure a un jeu de piste ou les navigateurs se sont arrachés les cheveux, une merveille de paysage de difficultés sur un rythme endiablé pendant les 8 jours de course, c’était long éprouvant ,mais tout le monde en redemander vivement l’année prochaine.

Christophe Girard (right) and Xavier Dessemon (left), the winners of the Cross Country 4x4 category in 2015

Christophe Girard ( FR )
Winner of the Cross country 4x4 Category 2015

A Rally Raid enthusiast, with many races under my belt, including a 13th participation in the Dakar, I wanted for the 2nd consecutive year to get involved in the organisation of the Carta Rallye to accompany competitors on Moroccan tracks to explore breathtaking landscapes. This year the vegetation had covered the usally arid desert. Flowers covered vast plains.

The rally took place in a sporting atmosphere where respect, mutual support and friendship emerged victorious. The very specific course, with tracks where amazing off-road requires careful navigation at every momemt, makes us live intense and magical moments. Carta values are there.

From the left: Christof Brass (navigator), Chris Armelin (organisator) and Martin Dechent (driver).

Christof Brass ( DE )
3rd Place of the Cross country SSV Category 2015

My very first time in Morocco. I was completly flashed. The only thing I can say about this rally is, that it's a great rally event in a great country with great people! Thanks for that, Chris. See you soon!


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