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New for 2018: Rescue helicopter

The safety of participants in the desert is a priority on the Carta Rally. There will be 1 helicopter, 3 medical 4x4 ambulances and 1 sprinter ambulance that will follow the course of the Carta Rallye 2018

A medical team composed of health professionals passionate about mechanical sports will watch over the small and big injuries of the competitors. The Off Road Rescue-Team, will be present on the Carta Rallye 2018 with a team of 6 doctors (general practitioners, surgeons, anesthetists) and 5 para-medics. This seasoned team participates in 45 sporting events during the year.

CARTA RALLYE On THE Offroad Show in Valloire (FR)

Like the years before the Carta Rallye presents herself on the  Foire du tout-terrain de Valloire 2017 from 23.08 till 27.08.2017 in Valloire in the french alps. Highlight will be the Carta Party on friday, the 25th of August, 19.00.

This is an invitation !!!

Das Team EBLE 4x4 geht 2018 an den Start

Jetzt ist es amtlich: Das Team Eble4x4 geht 2018 erstmals bei der Carta-Rallye in Marokko an den Start. Für uns ist alles neu, die Menschen, die Strecken. Wir sind gespannt!

Die Carta beginnt am 12. März in Guelmim im Süden Marokkos. Auf insgesamt 8 Etappen führt die Strecke quer durchs Land bis nach Merzouga und den riesigen Dünenfelder des Erg Chebbi – eine Strecke, die alles bietet, was Marokko für die Rallyeszene so attraktiv macht: Ultra-schnelle Schotter-Etappen durch traumhafte Wüstenlandschaften, anspruchsvolle Navigation per Roadbook und GPS und natürlich Dünen, Dünen und nochmal Dünen.

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The COURSE 2018

Carta 2018 Schedule

8 Days in Morocco
Plage Blanche, Foum Zguid, Mhamid, Merzouga

Sunday 11th March GUELMIM 
(Administrative and technical checks)
Monday 12th March GUELMIM - ICHT 
(Bivouac in own tent)
Tuesday 13th March ICHT - FOUM ZGUID 
(Bivouac in own tent)
Wednesday 14th March FOUM ZGUID - FOUM ZGUID
(Bivouac in own tent)
Thursday 15th March FOUM ZGUID - MHAMID
(Hotel le Pacha)
Friday 16th March MHAMID - MHAMID 
(Hotel le Pacha)
Saturday 17th March MHAMID - MERZOUGA
(Bivouac in berber tent)
Sunday 18th March MERZOUGA - MERZOUGA
(Bivouac in berber tent)
Monday 19th March MERZOUGA - MERZOUGA 
Prize Giving Party
(Hotel Nomad Palace)


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